Transparency is trending. Geronimo Boy believes in the global fashion revolution uniting people and organisations to work together to change the way garments and accessories are produced and consumed ensuring they are made in a safe, clean and fair way. We aim to do our part and show that change is possible and encourage all others on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. Be curious #whomademyclothes






Drawing influence from the beauty of the natural world and the want, need and necessity for the perfect bag for every occasion, GERONIMO BOY understands the transformative power of a really great handbag.

Here at GERONIMO BOY HQ we have an insatiable appetite for all things leather. So we’ve made it our duty to provide a huge variety of beautifully handcrafted, unique and eclectic leather handbags, wallets, purses, clutches and backpacks.

From the everyday staple ‘Josephine Joseph’ (yep, you heard right – that would be a bag for men and women.), to the statement clutch ‘Weekender Wanderer’ and the always popular ‘Festival Friend’ – there is a bag for every occasion. Plus, don’t miss our uber-cool collection of wallets and coin purses, and our cool collection of bags for the boys.

Blurring the lines between function, form and great style, our raw, bold and beautifully eclectic pieces are truly one of a kind. Rest assured, our bags are more than just pretty faces though – we’ve designed each piece with an emphasis on functionality. Every bag comes equipped with a plethora of handy internal pockets to help secure your valuables (so you can quit looking like a crazy lady fumbling for your keys at the front door!).

We use supple, high-quality Javanese and Italian leather, and draw on local Indonesian craftsman skilled in their trade to bring you these desirable pieces. As a result, these leather goods are special creatures, so we must pay our respect to the the artistic skills, quick fingers and beautiful natures of their craftsmen.

Plenty of thought, love and passion has gone into GERONIMO BOY’s creations and we hope you adore our collection just as much as we do.

So take a look around the exciting new GERONIMO BOY website and get to know all the playful pieces we have to offer. And don’t forget, you can never have too many bags!

Sexy, tough, raw, brazen, bold, beautiful, eclectic & playful – this is GERONIMO BOY.

After months of planning and one-step-forward-two steps back, our website is now online and ready to go global.

Meticulously sourced and handcrafted with love, GERONIMO BOY’s unique leather pieces allow you to express your creative and individual style.

Here at GERONIMO BOY we’re firm believers that it’s the little things in life – like an awesome bag – that make you happy.

After all, every girl needs at least one handbag in her life that makes her smile.

So instead of putting ridiculous price tags on our high-quality designer goods, we endeavour to provide you with lust-worthy, collectable items that will make you the envy of all your friends, but most importantly, won’t blow your budget.

And once you step into our world filled with cool, creative and covetable leather pieces, you’ll never go back.

From luxe to boho hippie, our leather pieces appeal to the gypsy or wandering soul in us all. You’ll find gifts for your mother to your brother, from your best friend to your sister… rest assured, there is literally a handbag here that will appeal to everyone.

So take a look around, get inspired and let your lifelong friendship with GERONIMO BOY begin.

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Aptly named after the firstborn son of the skilled crafter of this bag. Juna Wijaya entered the world just as his Dad was putting the finishing touches on the Geronimo Boy collection. Juna Wijaya means strength and success – what better name for a new beginning in the circle of life?

This crafty work doubles as both an over the shoulder bag as well as a backpack, yep it’s pretty damn amazing!!! So adjust the straps, choose your style and get dancing because baby Juna has the all the right moves.

Super smooth luxe leather with one easy access internal pouch, one inside pocket with zipper, one outside (back) pocket with zipper and full closing zipper to keep everything in place while you hit the dance floor.

Oh and let’s not forget it comes in both midnight black and chocolate brown!